After years of negotiations, a $1.6 billion bridge over the Mississippi River is expected to open in 2019.

It will replace the existing bridge that opened in 2012, which has been plagued by safety problems and a lack of traffic.

But there’s a hitch: The construction of the bridge has been delayed.

The bridge was designed by a South Dakota contractor to run from the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Sioux Falls.

But when the project was first approved, the Dakota Department of Transportation said the bridge would only be built if there was an earthquake, flood, or major disaster.

The bridge is scheduled to open by the end of 2019.

The delays have left some South Dakota residents and business owners worried about the safety of their homes, business, and the environment.

But a bridge built on a different river has already proved its worth.

Construction of the new bridge over Interstate 40 in Sioux Falls is expected by the fall of 2019 and will connect the towns of Bismarck, North Dakota, and Rapid City, South Carolina.

The project is expected give South Dakota a second link in the Mississippi Valley to the Gulf of Mexico and the West Coast.

The river, the Mississippi, is considered a major source of water pollution.

It’s also a major choke point for the Mississippi delta, which flows through many of the most important communities in South Dakota.

“It’s just really important to know that there’s this bridge in place and it’s going to be safe,” said Bismart County Commissioner Chris Sgro, who lives on the bridge.

Sgro and his wife, Debra, both live in Bismark.

They were both in Sioux City on a recent trip to see the new construction.

But it wasn’t until Debra came back from the trip and checked on their home that she saw something she could have missed.

She was home alone in her apartment when a loud noise woke her up.

She saw her roommate and his family sleeping on the couch.

Debra rushed out the front door and discovered the neighbors were not only awake, but also wearing a safety harness.

“I looked around and I said, ‘I just woke up my roommate, I’ve been out of my apartment for over an hour and I’ve never seen my neighbors like this,'” she said.

“We were just stunned,” said Debra.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been in an apartment in this state,” said Tammy Nelson, who moved to Bismarks from Washington, D.C., in 2005.

“You know, when I first moved here, I was really, really scared,” she said, explaining that she would sometimes sleep in her car when she wasn’t at home.

Nelson and her husband, Tammy Nelson and Chris, also live in the city of Bessarion.

They moved here from Missouri last year.

“When I moved here I was not expecting to live in a place like this,” she added.

“It was a little scary.

It was a very, very scary place to be.”

According to the South Dakota Department the bridge will be able to handle 4,000 cars per day.

That number will likely rise to 5,000 per day as construction ramps up.

The cost of the construction will be $1 billion, and it will take nearly three years to complete.

The project is currently slated to open before the end and will be the most expensive bridge in the United States.

“The bridge is a huge investment in our state,” South Dakota Gov.

Dennis Daugaard said.

“We have not had a bridge like this built in the state of South Dakota since the 1930s.”

The construction of this new bridge will have a direct impact on the surrounding communities, including Sioux Falls and Bismars Town.

“With the bridge being built right now, it’s kind of a big deal to Sioux City, and that’s a good thing,” said Mike O’Neill, who has lived in Sioux Springs, South, for more than 20 years.

“They’re going to have a bridge that will connect to the main artery, and we will have our bridge that connects to that, and there will be traffic from Sioux Falls to Bessars,” said O’Connor.

“They’re building a bridge for everybody, so there’s going be a lot of traffic.”

The bridge will connect Sioux Falls with Bessarah, a small community in the town of Bismsarion that was named after a Confederate soldier.

The city of Sioux Falls recently partnered with the University of South Carolina to construct a new bridge that spans the Mississippi to the West.

The new bridge is expected open in 2021.