Google Glass isn’t the first wearable to feature built-in weather sensors, but it’s certainly one of the most technologically advanced.

Google Glass has a built-on camera to track the weather, but the device also has an ambient sensor, meaning the device can detect when the sun isn’t shining and automatically adjust to it. 

For those of you who haven’t yet tried Google Glass, the hardware is surprisingly easy to set up, with all the usual hardware and software features.

The only real difference is that Google Glass requires you to download the Android Wear OS, and the Google Glass app requires an extra app to access it.

Google says that it doesn’t recommend that people use the Glass app because it doesn´t provide enough security and privacy features.

In fact, Google says the Glass experience is designed to “enjoy the user experience without the need for third party apps or other apps.”

The Google Glass wearable is available for $99 on Google Play, but that price is not the only reason that it is expensive.

Google isn’t disclosing pricing for the Glass wearable because it is proprietary information.

However, we know that Google has been able to lower the price by about a third.

Google has not said when Glass will become available for purchase, but in February, the company said it was working on a product.

Google’s Android Wear device is designed for people who are already using their smart phones or tablets.

Google wants to make it easier for people to control their devices through their smartwatches.