A mother who had been planning her second child says she has decided that her only choice is to live in the present moment and prepare to move on.

Theresa, from the town of Sorel in southern France, was in her first trimester when a massive 7.0 magnitude quake struck in December 2012, devastating the region and leaving thousands dead.

“I didn’t have a second child yet, and I had never thought about what it would be like,” said Theresa, speaking to The Associated Press from the small town of Bordeaux.

“It’s difficult, but we need to be together and have the confidence that we’re going to get through it.”

Theresa said she is thankful that her children are all healthy, but stressed that her decision to have a first baby was the right one.

“There’s no reason to think that I’ll live a happy life with a second baby,” she said.

The family of five had planned to have three children.

But Theresa said she’s grateful for the chance to have her first and only child, which she said will give her a boost.

“As a mother, I don’t want to be the last person on Earth to have children, so having the opportunity to have two and a half is just so wonderful,” Theresa said.

“The second child is so important to me, and my life is going to be so much better with two.”___The AP reported this story from France.