How safe are construction lines?

According to a study, most of the safety gadgets you will find in a construction line are not as safe as you might think.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland, looked at how often people reported safety issues while working with a construction project, and found that many of the devices that people reported using did not necessarily work as intended.

One of the most commonly used safety gadgets was the “line safety monitor” — a device that allows workers to record any movement of a line or other object, and then sends that information to a phone or other electronic device.

However, researchers found that, when people were not properly trained in line safety in the workplace, they were more likely to report issues.

The devices also often did not detect when someone was moving or moving with an obstruction, and the devices also did not always work as designed.

The team also found that workers were more often confused about the types of hazards in a project, as opposed to the type of safety measures they needed to take in order to prevent a potential hazard.

“We think it is important to emphasize that safety concerns and safety incidents are real and are often the result of inadequate safety training,” the study authors write.

“Although there is a broad range of safety products on the market, the mainstay of line safety monitoring is not a device for assessing the safety of a construction site.

Instead, line safety monitors and other safety devices are usually used to monitor construction sites as part of an integrated construction process.

It is not clear why this type of monitoring is used and the best way to prevent an issue.”

The researchers say that this lack of awareness about safety issues in the workforce could lead to a rise in workplace accidents, as well as a potential rise in health problems and injuries.

They also recommend that all employers and subcontractors, including private contractors, should be required to provide the line safety monitor to employees, including the ones who work for them.