This is the official Bridge Construction Awareness banner and you are about to be invited to join the fun.

The banner is now up and running and it will be available for you to use on your commute.

A new section of the BCTF has been opened to the public, allowing you to get more information about the safety measures in place on the bridge.

The BCTB has been running on a limited basis on weekends for the last two years.

The following are the safety guidelines: This is a closed bridge.

Please use caution when using it.

Please don’t cross the pedestrian crossing signal.

Do not block the pedestrian signals.

Do keep your distance from pedestrians.

Please do not ride your bike or motorbike at night.

Do use pedestrian crossings.

Please wear reflective clothing.

Do remember to take a photo of your bridge with your phone.

The bridge is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis.

The BCTFB has been open to the general public since December 2015. 

It is also possible to view some of the safety updates on the BMTB website and on Facebook. 

For more information on the safety of the bridge, click here .