Denver, CO—November 13, 2017—As Colorado’s construction industry grapples with an uptick in accidents and injuries, state officials and advocates are working on a new campaign to warn construction workers about construction safety.

The new campaign, which will be unveiled this month, aims to create an environment of trust and confidence among construction workers by showing construction workers that they are safe, even when they’re not.

Colorado Gov.

John Hickenlooper (D), who announced the new campaign on Tuesday, is a proponent of the campaign, according to a release from the state’s Department of Construction and Engineering.

Construction Safety, an industry group, plans to launch a statewide web page on construction safety on November 11, the release states.

The group says it is “dedicated to ensuring safe, efficient, and effective construction of all types of projects,” and has created a statewide Safety & Security Fund to help fund the campaign.

The Safety & Safety Fund will be funded through the Colorado Developmental Services Fund, the state announced in October.

The fund will also include grants and contributions from the private sector, which could help support the campaign as well.

“Construction safety is a complex issue, and we are committed to working with our community to develop solutions to improve safety, especially for our most vulnerable workers,” said Colorado Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Commissioner Bill Heintz.

“This campaign will make sure that our workers are aware of the importance of safety and the need for safety education.

We will also be transparent and accessible to all Colorado residents about the new Safety & Stability Fund to support our safety efforts.”

According to the release, the campaign will be presented on an interactive website, which includes a video tutorial.

It will also feature a new Safety and Safety Alert graphic that can be used in print, a call to action for the public to submit construction safety questions, and a list of local construction companies and subcontractors who are participating in the campaign to make sure they’re keeping workers safe.

“It’s important that all Colorado construction workers are educated and know what to look for in their jobs, but it’s equally important that we keep our contractors safe, too,” said Hicken.

“I’m excited to work with our state partners to make this campaign a success.”

The state has been taking steps to encourage construction workers to stay safe since the start of the construction boom in 2016.

Colorado Governor John Hinkes (D) recently signed a bill requiring all contractors to be trained on construction design, inspection, and safety procedures.

In November, the governor signed legislation that made it illegal for construction workers who are exposed to a dangerous situation to work without protective equipment and training.

In October, Hicken announced a $1 million grant to the Colorado Department Of Conservation & Native American Affairs to improve training for construction employees, and the state is also planning a $250,000 grant to help local counties hire construction safety consultants.