By News24 staffPublished January 10, 2018 08:31:51It is not uncommon for construction materials to fall into concrete-laden holes, but a new product called concrete construction security nets can be used to protect the workers from falling through them.

According to the product’s manufacturer, Cane, it is made of a high-strength steel mesh that is lightweight, water resistant, and waterproof.

“When the mesh is placed over a concrete-covered surface, it absorbs water and keeps it at bay until it is removed,” Cane said.

“The material is designed to be used as a quick fix for falling construction material.”

The mesh is attached to the concrete surface with a quick release buckle and then it can be pulled apart by hand.

It can be easily installed by a worker without damaging the concrete.

The Cane product has already been tested and approved by the Federal Government for use in concrete construction.

“Cane has been tested by the Department of Environment and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assure the material is safe and effective for use on concrete, said Cane.”

This is a high quality material that has been approved by a Federal Agency for use by the construction industry.

“Cane also has a contract to manufacture the material.

Its website says the mesh will be available to construction sites across the country from March 1.