A new construction safety coalition has announced its membership, with more than 40 new members including construction unions, industry associations and industry organisations.

The construction safety Alliance is an industry-led group with the objective of protecting the safety of construction workers and the communities they live and work in.

The group is an alliance of industry associations, industry bodies and trade unions, with members representing the construction industry, construction materials, construction products, construction management and construction equipment manufacturers.

According to a statement released on Thursday, the new members are members of the Construction Safety Initiative (CSI), which has been working to build a common understanding on the risks associated with the construction sector and its effects on workers and communities.

It comes after a number of high-profile construction fatalities over the past year.

In February, a construction worker died in his home, after being struck by a crane at a construction site in South Australia.

A month earlier, an 18-year-old man died when he was crushed by a construction crane at an industrial site in Western Australia.

In July, construction worker Michael Dutton died after falling through the crane of a construction project in the Eastern Kimberley, which he was working on.

In September, a 17-year old man died in Southland when a crane hit his neck.

In the past month, construction workers have died on a number different sites in South Africa, including the Western Cape, Cape Town and the Gold Coast.

The Construction Safety alliance has also been working with industry to reduce the safety risk of construction sites by: