The construction safety organization Construction Safety Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the United States, awarded annually by the National Association of Building Officials to honor organizations that perform or support safe and effective safety programs in the construction industry.

In 2016, the organization awarded its inaugural award to the Texas-based Institute for Safety and Quality in Construction.

That organization, which was founded in 2002, has a long history of supporting safe construction and has been honored for its work in safety-related areas.

However, the ISSQA has since been renamed the Construction Safety Institute, which the organization says is a way for it to further its mission of promoting safety through its awards.

The institute also has a history of providing awards to organizations that work in the fields of construction safety, including the Texas Construction Association.

In its latest annual report, the institute noted that the Institute’s work “provides safety-focused guidance to both the general public and construction industry professionals and professionals within the building and building design industries.”

The Institute’s director, Mark Osterberg, explained in an email that his organization is pleased to receive this recognition and that he “is proud to work with our fellow members of the construction safety community to support and promote safety.”

The institute’s first award, which went to the Austin Police Department in 2009, was awarded for the “incorporation of police training and the integration of police into construction practices,” according to its website.

The Institute for Construction Safety, meanwhile, is an organization that has long been recognized by the U.S. government as a model for safe and efficient construction.

In 2010, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta praised the Institute for its “outstanding safety practices,” and in 2016, then Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel also thanked the institute for its safety-oriented efforts.

A recent report from the Department of Justice, however, found that the institute was not “fully complying with federal standards for safe construction practices” and recommended that the federal government “immediately stop awarding the Institute construction safety awards.”

The ISSI, which is comprised of three different organizations, has also received awards from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the U, and the State of Texas.

In the past, the Institute has received similar recognition from the U., the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Home Inspections Agency, and more.

The organization has received awards in both construction and safety related areas since 2002.

The IssI is also one of a number of organizations that has received the prestigious Construction Safety Foundation Award, which honors a project that “is the foundation for a safe and reliable construction system and environment,” according the institute’s website.

According to the institute, the Foundation Awards are awarded “to organizations that provide high-quality, cost-effective safety education, safety training, and training in the areas of safety, fire, and structural integrity to builders, contractors, subcontractors, and other building operators.”

In a statement, a Construction Safety Alliance representative said that the organization has long supported safe construction work and “works diligently to help safe, safe construction be built and maintained.”

The foundation has been awarded several times in recent years, including a 2016 award that was awarded to the Iss Iss for “its work to ensure that safe and safe construction projects are built, operated, and maintained safely.”

“Our organization has made tremendous strides in building safety into the construction landscape in recent decades,” the statement continued.

“It is important to note that we have always worked with our colleagues and with the federal and state governments to protect our community and our environment.”