The CNN Money blog has analyzed the safety hazards posed by the construction industry in a list of top 10 construction projects in the United States.

It looks at the safety issues from the safety perspective, rather than from the construction perspective.

Construction companies often use contractors with an eye toward the construction projects themselves.

While the industry may focus on safety, the safety concerns are real.

In many cases, the industry employs inexperienced and inexperienced workers.

In some cases, construction workers may work without safety equipment and equipment may fail.

In other cases, equipment may not work at all.

For example, in 2010, the Texas Department of Transportation had to replace an entire trailer for a $1.7 million project.

The contractor’s company was using a construction tool that did not meet state specifications.

The trailer was damaged by a severe fall.

In 2010, one of the contractors who had worked on the project said he had a “briefcase full of spare parts,” which were not tested or inspected, and that he had not been given proper training on safe working practices.

Another contractor who had been involved in the project stated that his own company had not tested and inspected equipment for more than a year.

The project involved the construction of a parking lot for the city of Houston.

A contractor for the Houston Police Department reported that he worked with the contractor who worked on that project.

When the city and the city police department discovered the equipment that was used to build the parking lot, they notified the contractor and his company.

A Houston Police officer reported that after he took over construction work for the department, he was not allowed to use any tools to build on the construction site.

A report from the Texas Occupational Safety and Health Commission found that in one case, a contractor had used a crane with a “high-powered” hammer to build a ramp at the site of a fire.

The company had also used a truck with an electric saw to cut a piece of concrete.

The report stated that, “the contractor’s work on the property had been inconsistent with the state’s standards and the contractors own safety records.”

Construction workers often use unsafe materials.

The equipment used in construction is often poorly constructed.

In fact, in many cases the contractor was responsible for designing and building the equipment.

In addition, construction contractors frequently work in hazardous conditions.

The majority of construction workers in the U.S. work in “hazardous” or “instrumental” jobs, which involves building, welding, and drilling equipment.

Construction jobs in Texas are particularly hazardous because of the high risk for injury and illness caused by working in hazardous construction conditions.

According to a 2013 report by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, there were 816 construction fatalities nationwide in 2013.

These figures do not include deaths in the workplace.

Construction workers in Texas often work in extreme conditions.

Many construction workers have limited or no access to safe drinking water and inadequate working conditions.

In Texas, more than 1,500 workers have died on construction sites in the last two years.

A 2010 report by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that the U,S.

construction industry accounted for $13.5 billion in direct worker compensation claims.

In 2011, the U.,S.

Occupational Insurance Administration said that over the past decade, construction companies had lost more than $1 billion in insurance coverage because of workers’ injuries.

While these losses have decreased in recent years, the overall number of construction deaths continues to rise.

The average age of construction construction workers has risen in recent decades.

According a 2012 report by The Wall Street Journal, the average age in the construction workforce was 27.5 years old in 2010.

The number of workers under the age of 35 is rising, and older workers are increasingly the ones to suffer injuries.

The construction industry also employs a disproportionate number of undocumented workers.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, undocumented workers in construction make up more than 25 percent of construction workforce in the state of Texas.

This is despite Texas having the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

According an October 2016 study by the Institute for Labor Research, undocumented construction workers are employed in just 7 percent of all construction jobs in the country.

There are approximately 1.3 million undocumented construction worker in the USA, according to a 2015 report by Pew Research Center.

The study found that only 12.2 percent of those workers are U.T.L.S., which means they are not authorized to work in the US.

According with a study by researchers at The New School for Social Research, the largest share of construction worker are people who have not completed high school.

The most recent statistics show that the share of undocumented construction workforce is increasing.

According data from the Department of Labor, undocumented labor in the federal construction industry has grown by nearly 13 percent between 2009 and 2020.

The latest figures from the Bureau for Labor Statistics show that in 2020, construction workforce comprised of construction employees, electricians, electrician assistants, construction mechanics, and laborers. In