The state’s government has ordered all contractors to attend a five-day training course to ensure their safety, following a spate of construction related fatalities.

Construction Safety Minister Paul Farrell said safety training was needed to ensure all projects were carried out safely.

He said the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved was paramount.

Construction was the number one cause of injury deaths in South Australian, Mr Farrell said.

“In South Australia, construction is one of the leading causes of death in the community,” Mr Farrell told reporters on Friday.

“We need to do more to ensure the safety of our construction workers and to make sure that they are in a position where they can take their own lives.”

Mr Farrell said the Government would work with contractors to provide training, which would also include an overview of the design and construction process.

He said the training would include an interview with the contractor and the contractor’s management team.

The Government is looking at how the training could be improved and has also asked the State Government to develop an action plan.

Mr Baird said he would introduce legislation to improve the safety training of all construction workers.

It is a matter for the State Labor Government, he said.